Finding More Meaning in the Training with Chris Hauth

Finding More Meaning in the Training with Chris Hauth

It’s one thing to go through the motions of endurance training. It’s another to dive into what sport really means to you. Listen as Chris Hauth explores deeper training relationships.

Chris Hauth intimately knows the interworking of a master’s athlete. He knows the family and social obligations, recognizes the desire to remain competitive but also owns the fact the motivation shifts dramatically as athletes age. The glamor of big podium racing fades thus requiring athletes to seek out a deeper ‘why.’

Listen as he and Dirk explore the meaning of working out and ‘working in,’ meaning finding a different mental space that brings forth new ideas and memories. They also discuss creating social anchors that help your training in check as well as coming to understand who you really are through sport.

Stand-Out Quotes

  • “Passion combined with curiosity really creates this ‘soup of success.’”
  • “It’s in the times of difficulty that our true self becomes fuller.”
  • “In order to do endurance sports correctly, you need more than a finish line for motivation.”
  • “I’m a big proponent of the athlete learning. I’m just here to guide— if they are learning and failing and observing and growing on their own, then we’re both working together faster towards their future outcome.”
  • “Coaching is the space between the training plan and the finish line.”


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